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“Someone is saying terrible things about you,” I supposedly tweeted to my prized list.  And only two people knew what was going on, and yet they were crass enough to blame it on me, as though being a writer, a best-selling one at that, and exploring Social Media Marketing wouldn’t put you on a crash course with this Tech Red Brigade of Do Nothing/Destroy Everything For No Reason At All /and AIN’T WE COOL WITH HIGH SCHOOL BRAINS I heard about all my computing life but chalked up to an urban myth.  Species: Hacktus Despickablis.

I certainly didn’t know what was happening.  Even though passwords wouldn’t work just hours after changing them and people I unfriended would come back. I’d distinctly been put the ringer at some sites.  I blamed a lot of mishaps on not changing my tech for seven years, and a lot for new wave of gadgets I’d bought: all these apps and apples, and some second-hand stuff to help friends out.  For the first time in 35 years of computing, real problems were cropping up everywhere.  And it didn’t help when Apple sent me a letter that I had a bum hard drive and did I mind just bringing it in and wasting $10,000 of work, then spending another 10 on reinstalling all the stuff I needed, but they needed the receipts and installation disks just to prove I laid out the cash–oh,  and sorry the inconvenience? This was the company I thought so much of?

When I first started out with tech, no windows, just DOS, my wondrous Okidata laser printer did something wrong and was sued, but not to me; still, they  compensated me with a lifetime of printing drums, which is what costs a fortune in those things anyway.  Apple bragged that they were going to replace their broken hard drive for FREE. Wow!! Steve Jobs truly is so cold and dead.  I’d love to hire a big big attorney and a big big PR agent and show them that we’re noticing.

I did get all scared for a while and took all this shrink pills BUT in the course of six decades it was only three years, and the rest of the times I was hassling NYC cabbies and insulting Miami muggers.  I’m a nice little girl but don’t mess with me, you know. And I’m a journalist, it’s my nature to be curious.  Which brings me back to my Web 2.0 or 2.5  and the Swollen Brigade Eye Net—the new/old  Internet secret–who are pissing me off  something cruel.


Did mankind really think that he/she could create something simply positive and in the spirit of evolution without some jealous, mental cases yearning for attention blowing up bridges? And there we were, lambs to the slaughter all linked together downloading/sharing those free apps? music? PDFs? books? RSS feeds?  Didn’t they tell us not to download attachments?   And what about push messages? No one but geeks got that one.  They push right through your door.  They stole my book right off my hard drive.( I have lots of copies dudes!  Fortunately, they’re sorta trapped in a computer right now at least, although one weenie head I recognize from his phony name with a crush lives about 80 miles away (but has no neck). I notice they got to my agent about six months ago,which must be why she looks so sad lately and has withdrawn so much publicity.  For me, it’s just the opposite. A call  for some revenge for these past miserable years. And a healing??  To see how many  geeks really want to win the pretty girl and stand tall.  America is becoming, and good guys/gals officially, a girly scout camp of wimps.

I say, no more. Basta. Look, I’m no idiot by far, I’m not going to wipe them out.  Every time I visit my mirror Facebook page or click on my Viddy, I exponentially multiply the hackers, who think also put on a show of  smoke are mirrors. The count reads 33,000 are after me (BUY MY BOOK here!) but then viewed in another way, it’s only 77.

My friends say to ignore them and obviously can’t  think beyond their next pin image on the board. Just today, Barnes & Noble announced some trouble,  and several other sites just said this week they’re having a problem. Yep, that worked well with Hitler, that ignoring plan. He’ll go away, they’ll  go away, don’t think so! This is what evil does, and it just gets stronger and meaner with these dustballs until we’ll have to nuke them. It’s that Thriving When Good People Do Nothing.