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“Man is, at one and the same time, a solitary being and a social being. . . .”

                            —Albert Einstein

Now, it would seem to me, that this describes our current emerging and most satisfying relationships in the social networking society. I feel as though I am in freshman orientation during my first week at NYU, with all the energy and enthusiasm of my 16 years on earth,looking forward to a limitless future in an immensely exciting city. But this time, decades later, people are buzzing around me from all corners of the world; I am surprised when I find a post so friendly and knowledgeable about my work coming from Finland or France.

I sit here in Los Angeles, the third city in which I’ve lived, and for the first time no longer an isolated, manic insomniac writer with a DUI and a breathalyzer (an IID, or device from the demon factory) attached to my car. I am a citizen of the world. An only child, I’m not used to having so many friends, and yes, all of you, each one, are friends. People with blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Linked In, etc. particularly on Facebook, simply because it’s where I’ve been posting for a year. There’s Kim, whom I love, and Pierre-Andre (I hurt him by a sharply worded post about God, but we quickly reconnected through the Higher Self and only grew closer.) Then there’s the lovely April, I can picture her before me having coffee, having studied her photos and wait for her messages brimming over with warmth. Anne means the world to me, and when she has a good day, it makes mine a bit better.

Arlene is someone I truly admire, because she is, like me, one of the few older posters who refuses to stop and sit by the side of the road. Instead she’s right alongside, learning to network and link and I encounter her at Pinterest on my way back to tweet someone.  There are so many new friends I cannot count and more I’m yet to know better, I can’t wait.  Just posted this to them

I’m blogging about you guys over at WordPress. Be right back. Meanwhile, I’m remembering my first trip to California when I was in my 20’s. Didn’t think much of LA, but I loved the giant redwoods up North. Sat among them and inhaled that smell. It was then I knew what meditation was, instantly. Looking up, so engulfed by nature, feeling such peace, not one bit alone, but so loved…..

And then there are the old and dearest ones I have reconnected with, the good friends from New York and Miami. Irela, the sweetest and smartest–shining Miami light, who I now find in big business with a beautiful son and whom I remember, standing alongside me at one of my plays, starring the beautiful and talented Lisa (who now lives in LA with hubby and little angel, Maya), Irela working with the man who would become the father of her gorgeous child.

Nat such a surprise and cherished memory I thought lost as a corporeal being, the genius, with the most class I ever met, the charmer who wowed a wide-eyed 21-year-old, Britt, my first editor in 1978 at The Dial Press, with whom I always had an almost psychic connection. Now renewed, as if not a day has passed, we call each other regularly and send music over e-mails. Jonathan, a new but dear friend, who’s taught me so much about Israel and about life, and of course Michael Gross, my best friend in LA, who dragged me onto Facebook in the first place.

I am writing a book, which will be my 11th, a quirky form of memoir (I don’t like rules) called LIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, which on the web, I sometimes refer to as LUI (given the love for acronyms), and on Facebook, on my timeline, I offer excerpts. In fact the whole book is non-linear and I know I’ll have the fight of my life to keep it that way, but each excerpt is a story from a different time and place of my story and they do fit together like omens and portents and pieces of a puzzle. FB is what kept me going, and for the first time since the age of eight, when this gift burst out of me and the pressure was on, I suddenly loved writing, I was in my dharma, and there you all were. Everything made sense.
Now there is Morgen, whom I wish to hire to re-design and focus this blog a bit better, and the very talented writer and editor Rachel, whom I will be working with next week on the 3/4 of the manuscript which is completed. When I started the project, the thought of self-publishing was like the old vanity publishing and so insulting to me, once a senior editor and twice a bestseller, I didn’t give it a thought. But I should have known better, because I’m a magician. That means a privately trained metaphysician, who learned long ago (but one never learns without constant vigilance) that the EGO is one’s worst enemy and is quick to judge such things, so often leading us astray. So when even Britt mentioned it, I began to explore.

Today I have come to many conclusions about my publishing plans, and which steps I might take, knowing that the old road was inefficient and in many ways, incompetent, and that for the author, the new road–through blogs, websites, Kindle e-books, and then, perhaps, a traditional house, might be a better a wiser route. Then again, I will leave it up to my Higher Self to show me the path. My job is simply to write.

It’s funny. I have two books aching to get out of this machine that you’ll love. One is a sort-of vampire tale, romantic and erotic, set in the adult industry, not for the kiddies. The one I spoke of, LUI, is for anyone acquainted with the human condition, but R-rated. And after that, my poetry, which has been published since I was a teenager but lately, lies neglected in various files within my Apple. I dig it out from the wildest places, like my Tax folder.  Anyway, I was thinking of what I’d use to build an Author‘s page for Amazon, totally forgetting I was an author.  So I went there yesterday, typed my name in, and what?  It said, among my books, Roberta E. Morgan, Author’s Page!
I left one open space, for a Kindle e-book.
My new friend, my astrologer, Patrice Cole, told me it should be out by my birthday, which is May 1st. I’m a pro as far as polishing. Besides, I love rewriting, playing with words, truly I do.  And all of you can help.  Constructive advice I can take or not, but I again trust the universe to bring it to me.  The way the flow of things ever positive brought all of you.

The same friends either in front of me at a table for coffee or in front of me at my computer desk. Just keep in touch.




Los Angeles, Present Days

AB541 Three Month Program of Classes begins the round of stupidity.  You get the list of what classes you have to do, then hunt for one on the internet that isn’t in Arizona.  The 541 classes and the

12 NA classes are for?  I don’t know.  The court.  But you end up with three sheets of thin paper which crunches in your handbag because on your first day in AB541, where you pay $760, they tell you to add another six classes.  Why? New rule.

I find my first AB541 class on Hollywood Blvd and Cahuenga, which should take me ten minutes, but like all things in the last five years, I’m so nervous I get there an hour before.  Although they’re gentrifying Hollywood, this ain’t the bit. And if I hadn’t spoken to the girl on the phone, it would have been hidden.  Over a massage place on Hollywood, on the side.  It was a souvenir shop, and in the back, on the second floor.

Parking up the road costs ten bucks, but everyone else seems to know where to park that’s free.  I know I’m in the right place because about a dozen hunched over men and three girls are smoking, trying to drag something out of the filter.  They don’t seem to see me there.  Average age of the group: 22.  They talk about cars, speeding, beer parties, pools.

Gradually, a big guy, still a decade or so younger, comes out and they all greet him.  He lights up and shakes my hand, knows my name.  Brings me up to sign some paperwork.  A schedule of dates.  This gig is a one hour “movie” and a one and a half hour meeting, nothing like NA or AA, just like a requisite…something.

We all trudge into a room, after signing our names, paying our money.  I am still invisible and that does not really change much.  When I speak it is school again, last kid on the team, almost two years younger than everyone else except this time the other way around.  Ma, or grandma, dressing too cool, hair too long, but hot body.

The guy, Dan the counsellor turns off the lights. Cheap TV, he turns on the tape.  A female doctor is at the podium discussing Prescription Drugs: A Menace on The Road.  Found that out lady.  Her monotone does me in.  I nod off at least twenty times.  People turn around and stare.  This will be a recurring problem, and could be dangerous, as well.  Did I just shoot up before attending? Will they demand a drug test and cart me off again?

Suddenly, the lights come up and I rouse.  This first time no one catches that I missed three-quarters of the film.  Small mercies.  We get a 15 minute smoke break.  Better than prisoners.  Awkward,’cause I’m still like a lawn chair, even when I smile and try to ask a question.

A few speak Armenian, a few Russian.  One girl is rich but thinks she is a prostitute and all the men hope she is.  Also thinks she can drive her father’s car with no problem.  I suppose girls with sixteen different shades of highlights do not belong to Mensa, but then, neither do I for different reasons, like they’re boring snobs.

Head guy Dan comes out for a smoke and here I see his bitterness with the system, or just his act.  Sure, to do his job you need a long checkered past of jail, drugs, alcohol, lord knows what else. Then you have to go to school.  The school part I’d like.  I was always reporting on, reading about, and fascinated by criminals.  But this is petty shit in my eyes.

Too bad the state doesn’t see it that way.

We got up to the meeting, go around the room. I’m already in panic.  It’s the wrong place, though the girls at the desk and Dan waves it off, although I’ll learn in the future that even when you don’t make a mistake, they make it a mistake.  Wrong form, right typeface.  Right type, wrong form.  Go straight to jail.

Everyone in the room has “blown” a something or other. A .17 or the saddest one, a poor Mexican fellow with a .09; the legal limit being .08.  Nice cop for busting him and taking away all his hard saved funds for a family home.  They come around to me.  Only thing I’ve blown lately is Brian.

“I’m not a drinker,” I say, and eyes narrow, as though I’m a spy. “I was busted for drugs.”  Now they look at me like a dirtbag in an alley.

“Man, oh man,” one guy says.  “Those NA meetings are so depressing.”  And these are?

I see most of these people are almost done.  No one tells you what to do.  What do people with no money and not a stinking clue get through this? They go to jail, and then lay tar on roads for 100 hours.  For a first offense.

I recently heard some NYPD stories.  About people being sobered up in the station if they had no priors.  Of cops sharing boozy war stories.  In New York, we know what crime is, and how to treat which ones accordingly.  Back in the day, Grace and I were smoking a joint semi-secretly down 15th street, too young to know how we smelled.  A cop came from behind us and we jumped.

He whispered, “Got another joint? Smells like great stuff.”

That was MY city.  All of a sudden, I’m in Singapore, getting 1000 lashes.

15 more weeks of this.  Bullet through head.  Don’t have a gun, so there’s no choice.

One funny story: a morose girl tells of her field test when arrested in which you have to do various acrobatic tricks with your eyes closed.  I’ve asked friends, even trainers, and not one could do them.  She tell us she was ordered to stand on one leg with her eyes closed for five minutes. She tells the cop:

“Shit! I couldn’t do that if I was sober.”


David taught me all about the teachings of Ernest Holmes and The Science of Mind.  Basic metaphysics, but too much Jesus for me.  Down the block is Spirit Works, based on his teachings.  Wow!  The signs.  These are the NA meetings.  My good friend, who’s been through it all via AA, warns me.

“Don’t volunteer to share.  Just do the time. And for God’s sake, don’t say you’re a writer.  These people are terrified.”

The Anonymous part is read, read, and read again.  It has no legal binding, but it is an ethical one.  So I will be general, although I’ll mention that I nod off here, too and everyone looks at me.  They’re much older for the most part, many who make me feel young, so they think I’m still “using.”  Which I am, because only a skillful psychiatrist can wean me off these cocktails in a year or more.

I am fresh meat; everyone wants to be my sponsor.  It’s supposed to be same gender, but there’s one gay guy who makes this his life’s work and cures everyone.  I may take him yet but so many of these people appear to be Stanford Clean.  Don’t like therapists.  Are accused of being a crutch or a cult.  A cult, I can see, but whatever works.

They have rituals, like a church.  Celebrating months, years sober.  Birthdays.  announcements.  Then reading from cards.  The infamous Twelve-Step Program.  Won’t buy the book, it’s all boiled down on the Net.

People cry a whole lot here, for there are sad stories to tell.  My friend explains that booze does damage more slowly, while drugs do you in quick.  Shows you how much he knows, being an ex-alkie.  I took Xanax for 30 years, two milligrams a night.  Smoked marijuana just to get to sleep since college.  No more photographic memory, but a lot of good shit published.

I didn’t know at which meeting, but I admit to having taken a Xanax the night before. (I had to share, I am a performer, and if I don’t, I nod off.)

A woman shuts me up, tells me I can’t share because that’s the rule.  You must have at least 48 hours clean.  I start to cry and cry and don’t stop. Look at the floor with hatred.  She tries to apologize; others touch my shoulder.  Only later do I realize how selfish I am, how like an addict.

Like an addict?  I am one.

I have made people who already are miserable feel even worse.

Like instant karma, I trudge back home, and there is a thick envelope my lawyer said would never come.  From the bowels of Hell itself, the DMV.


David would be beating me with a metaphorical stick.  A magician has power, he is never overwhelmed.  He has courage, he walks through adversity.  And all these memories.  How have I not forgiven, let alone forgot?  Tonight I sit with another bureaucratic mistake, another debacle to handle which may or may not work out and I feel like Job in the Bible.

How?  Because I’m getting better at what I do. These last few years have humbled me, sweetened me, and left me prone to forgive weakness.  I thought I knew it all, that I was chosen.  Fact is, if you think that, you probably have a lot of learning to do.  That’s why most of the Holy in the East are beggars.

So one day I will forgive. Until then, I’ll try.

(I will say that I have always been a sucker for those old fortune-telling structures, the kind with the wax dummy that moves its hand over a deck of cards at fairs and amusement parks—and Las Vegas, where I found one.  The card was happy enough for my 50 cents, but it said watch out for my “karma.”  Just one word. MOTHER.)

When I walked out of the NA meeting crying, I had a breakthrough with my old here again, gone again Brian.  Up and down Brian.  Just stop taking drugs Brian.  He saw the state I was in.

“You mask your pain with all your rituals and sleep and OCD,” I said, finally, after 40 years.  “I mask mine with drugs.”

He held me, shaking and crying in the parking lot, for a good half hour.  Next week he was back to the same warm again/cold again Brian.