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Second Bill of Rights

Second Bill of Rights (Photo credit: Workers4America)

Amazon vs iCal

Amazon vs iCal (Photo credit: Zach “Pie” Inglis)

BrewDog Hello, My name is Ingrid

BrewDog Hello, My name is Ingrid (Photo credit: Bernt Rostad)


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Anti-ACLU-2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Driving under the influence (of something) . . .

Driving under the influence (of something) . . . (Photo credit: gogoloopie)

Civil liberties 2006

Civil liberties 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ImageI seem to remember that George Bush suspended many civil rights following 9/11.   Which explains a host of strange things that have happened to myself and my friends. Like the odd circumstances surrounding my DUI. In celebration of the fact that today, my last AB541 AA mandatory CA government class was endured, I was filled with some major insights!  First, I must digress. The class was its usual post-punk no I am not upwardly mobile 30’s pissheads who refuse to acknowledge my hippie existence and my willingness to engage.

The fact that they are mostly alcoholics in deep denial is too much of a challenge to my ego nature, who frankly wants to tell them that I find them and their nihilistic behavior incredibily boring at best and at worst, SO Californian and old.  But, they would no doubt have some inane, bitter retort, and I would again feel better that at 35, they did not feel joy.

Enough.  What has been strange about AB 541 is the news that comes at the end of the 2 1/2 show. Although the opening act for the last two weeks, the film, was Bergmanesque, as well. It traced the aimless, hopeless path of a homeless drunk in our system, as he deteriorated physically and mentally over a ten-year period, with a social worker/cop/director (?) carefully videotaping and interviewing him,both of them noting his decline. We get to watch his teeth fall out, his toes rot, etc.  I doubt many of these people in my room are destined for such a future. The other films, concerning tragic car accidents, suit them to a tee. This clip obviously was thrown in by the LAPD as water torture.

Ah, that brings me back to my point.  Every week, we are advised of NEW RULES.  You can be arrested even if you blow beneath the legal limit if the police man doesn’t like how you’re driving.  You get a second DUI even if you’re sober but sit next to anyone in the car who had a drink. The breath-tester, or IID, is now attached to the cars of narcotics offenders, even though it does not measure anything but alcohol. It does however register orange juice.  Since you must blow into it to start the car and then 5 minutes later, it could cause you to have an accident.

Since it had done that, the government in 20 states in now trying out an ankle bracelet for first time offenders, which is that huge, bulky thing, you must sleep, bathe and go out in public with, leading everyone to believe you are a child rapist. Oh, and you can’t drink, alcohol, cough syrup or orange juice.

What is wrong with this picture? Driving home with my friend Jonathan, from Israel, not at all like my Facebook friends, an independent thinker who does not believe Barak Obama walks with God,asked a question that had been most puzzling. In his effort to raise money for the state of California, Governor Aryan Nation Brown has enacted such things as these DUI laws, unchecked. How? Well, because Bush took away The Bill of Rights–okay, suspended some of our civil liberties–when no one noticed that they made America America.

But what is more interesting is the question of why Barak Obama, super-good-guy of the masses, never PUT THEM BACK? Surely, he does not believe in the insane rhetoric of the “war on terror,” like “the war on drugs,” a mythic equivalent to Zeus and his chariot, or contesting the theory of evolution?  BTW, I would like to contest the theory of gravity next, and watch my glass fall UP.

One more thing, and then I’m off to shaping up my book, LIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, the 11th and one that I can promise you will not be a galley slave nor a victim of awful ID publishers. I do love Amazon deeply, however, and expect a long association with them.   You see, the obvious eluded me. I bitched that NYU, in my journalism degree, did not prepare me for a job; it taught me how to be a publisher. I bitched when younger people said I should get more than my usual 10% and find a self-publisher (to me, a Vanity Press.)  Now, it seems, it is just as hard to get noticed with a traditionally published book as it is with a self-published book.

Ah, my adept teacher would say. Read the hints on the wall. At 20, wasted education, taught publishing. 30 years in publishing. editor, author, website founder and editor, blogger ten years. publisher, publisher.

The Penny drop and Slams into My Cortex.

WELCOME TO THE ISIS GROUP. We’ll be publishing you soon, in a whole new way.